Alex Zakabluk, Author at SECOND FRONT UA
1000 units of urgently needed medical supplies sent to Ukraine.

With your help, we have managed to purchase over 1000 tourniquets and 550 bandages, and while this is not a full IFAK, the bandage and tourniquet combo is widely considered to be two of the most essential items in the first aid kit of every soldier on the battlefield. They are easy to apply, don’t […]

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Large shipment of defence supplies on the way to Ukraine.

On March 13 with the help of our trusted volunteers we shipped 185+ supply defence items. Here’s a full breakdown of what’s heading to Ukraine: 55 bulletproof vests; 16 helmets; 43 First Aid Kits; 33 power banks; 6 radio transmitters; 4 binoculars; 1 optical sight; 1 flashlight; 13 pairs of boots; Tactical uniforms; Tactical goggles […]

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Our volunteers deliver protective gear to Ukraine.

On March 8, our volunteers personally flew bulletproof vests, tactical uniforms, boots, knee pads, elbow pads, tactical gloves and first aid kits to Ukraine. They’ve also shipped: 3 thermal monoculars; 3 drones; 19 bulletproof vests; 2 helmets. Thank you very much to our donors for your help and generous contribution!

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