#RunForUkraine with us - SECOND FRONT UA

#RunForUkraineGive Boots to Defenders.

Run and help our 🇺🇦 defenders stay warm this winter.

We’ve launched a fundraiser for the Ukrainian army to purchase clothing and boots for the upcoming Winter season. Join this important initiative and let’s unite our efforts to keep the army warm! Large or small donations go a long way.

Help Ukraine with the #RunForUkraine team!

Our volunteer Olga Amelina is leading the #RunForUkraine project and has just finished the Chicago Marathon 2022.

We’ve asked her why running is so important to her and how you can help Ukraine by participating in the virtual run.

Why were you running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon?

❝It is a great honour for me to represent my homeland, Ukraine, at the Chicago Marathon 2022.

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, destroying Ukrainian cities and villages, killing, raping, and torturing the civilians. Russia is using heavy weapons and artillery prohibited by all military conventions on a large scale. The entire territory of Ukraine is under missile attacks every day, sirens are sounding all over Ukraine, and people are hiding in basements and bomb shelters.

My whole family and friends are in Ukraine. Many of my friends joined the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to defend our country and our independence. This war takes the lives of many brave and humble people every day.

The world should know about what is happening in Ukraine! And I’m here to speak up about it. The war isn’t over yet. And we, Ukrainians, need your help.

Ukraine now represents the interests of the entire democratic world, and your daily support is crucial.

That’s why I had to be there, with the most precious Ukrainian flag in my hands.

I call on everyone not to be silent and help Ukraine win this terrible war.

Help stop the terror that Russia has unleashed on our people.❞


What does running mean to you in your life?

❝I love running for many reasons. Some of them is the joy of being in the fantastic scenery, the opportunity to take part in new adventures and experiences and a getaway from my daily routine.

Running is my form of mindfulness, a sense of perspective and a special kind of meditation.

It is an honour for me to run holding the Ukrainian flag and represent my country. The Сhicago Marathon is no exception. 

I believe that our community of runners is built by the most motivated and supportive people worldwide—people who are always ready to help. And Ukraine needs our help right now! More than ever.

Together we can help Ukrainians by showing our love through running and helping organizations like Second Front, which can get all the necessary supplies and protective equipment to people in Ukraine.❞

Glory to Ukraine!!! #RunForUkraine