Who We Are

Our Mission

Protect Ukrainians as heroes of the free world and democracy. 

Our  Vision

Build a worldwide network of volunteers and partners united by the idea of protecting Ukraine and the universal values that are under attack.

Our Purpose 

Reinforce Ukraine’s image as a beacon of democracy and human values. 

A Word from our Volunteers

Second Front Ukraine Foundation is an officially registered Canadian not-for-profit corporation. We work with trusted partners across North America and in Ukraine to deliver goods necessary to protect the lives of Ukrainians in the face of Russian aggression.

We were the first not-for-profit in Canada to successfully deliver 600 bulletproof vests to Ukraine since the beginning of the unprovoked war declared by Russia.

Second Front is committed to rapidly deploy all goods purchased thanks to the generosity of our donors to ensure that recipients in Ukraine can receive all the supplies needed for their safety and security.

Second Front only works with trusted logistics partners and volunteers with a proven track record of delivering aid to Ukraine, including to the frontlines and active military zones.

100% of your donations are spent on aid for Ukraine. We believe in full financial transparency and are accountable to our donors. Updates on expenditures can be found on our social media and the website.

Second Front holds an Export Permit For Controlled Goods issued by the Government of Canada, allowing the organization to ship military grade supplies from Canada to Ukraine.

One bulletproof vest is one heart that keeps beating.