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Purpose of payment: Sending to a friend
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Safe and secure international money transfer

Institution number: 004
Transit number: 17282
Account number: 5254323
Routing number: 026-009-593
Branch address: 390
The East Mall Unit 100
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M9B 6L5

Ethereum network

ETH (Erc 20) – 0xd84D70623ce5901CD6Fc1781d271f1f521a260Bf

Wire Transfer

Inquire with Second Front before proceeding

[email protected]

+1 647 204 2041 (9am - 5pm)


It’s been more than a year since the war began, and we can’t thank you enough for your unwavering support. Together, we’ve raised over $1M - an impressive feat. Your donations have been a lifeline for those affected, but we still need your generosity to keep making a lasting difference.
War fatigue is real, but the impact lingers long after the headlines fade. The war rages on, and so must our efforts. With your help, we’ve provided crucial aid, medical supplies, and essential gear to those on the ground. But we can’t back down now.
Your ongoing support sends a powerful message of solidarity and compassion. It shows the world that they’re not forgotten, that we care about their plight. Your generosity has already made an incredible impact, and we’re counting on you to help us amplify it. Thank you for being absolutely amazing.